Thursday, January 20, 2011

Out with the old, In with the new.

After a great day on the water Saturday I sat down at the vice with Sunday morning coffee to continue my deer hair education.  Everything was going great until I started to spin hair on my first fly of the day.  The #2 hook I was working with was moving in the vice every time I pulled on the thread, so naturally I tightened the jaw lever for a better grip.  Just seconds later as I started wrapping thread again the entire jaws seemingly exploded sending a broken screw, the spring and my fly sailing.  It was not that big of a deal as the jaws can always be rebuilt, but now I was stuck starring at the tube and rereading chapters from books I've read several times already.

 My Renzetti Traveler vise was starting to show serious signs of wear and needed some replacement parts or a complete overhaul from the manufacturer after several years of good service.  I attempted to get a rebuild kit for the jaws the next day, but the kits I found were missing parts and I could not find some of the pieces that went flying during its' moment of death.  So there would be no tying for me until new kits arrive from the manufacturer.  The funny thing is I was already shopping for a replacement vice even though the Traveler could be fixed, I think.  It only took two days of coming home from work and sitting in front of the tube for my lady to start pressing me to just step up and buy a new vise.  She knew I was going to do it anyways figuring everyone would be better off instead of waiting until I got bored sitting on the couch and started to drive the family nuts.  Or maybe it is just that I drive them nuts anyways so I'm better off tying flies by myself.....hmmmm. 

Here is what I got.  I'm hoping it will be more sturdy and last longer.

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