Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Time!

I'm clearly past due on updating this blog.  I've been out 9 different times since I last wrote, so instead of trying to remember many of the details I'll throw out an overview with some pics.   Overall I feel like this spring has been slower than expected.  The weather patterns and stream flows have forced some changes in plans.  The additional snow pack levels this year have caused some rivers to blow out or at least muddy up earlier than usual while others are still choked with ice.  What happened to the low clear/green waters of spring; the time period between low level runoff and the main spring runoff?  Maybe we will still see that on some rivers this year.  Regardless  most of the rivers in the state should get a good cleaning.  Weather we will have a prolonged runoff or higher peaks during runoff is yet to be seen.  We won't know that until late June or early July.  In the last month and a half I have had 3 days on the Colorado, 1 day of wading and 2 floats, 3 days on the Platte, 1 at Deckers, 1 in Eleven Mile, 1 in Denver, 1 day on the Ark and 2 days at local bass ponds. There have been some big trout landed along with whities, the first bucket mouth, and first carp of the year.  All fish have been safely released without harm.  Here are a few of the pics:

Now it's time for BWO's, caddis, pike, still water ice-off,  a couple days on the Juan next week, and like always STREAMERS!